Finding The Perfect Quality Watch To Buy Right Now

“A watch is one of the most important things that you buy, it says a lot about a person.”

Giorgio Armani perfectly encapsulates the magnitude of how important a watch is. Jewellery isn’t and has never been a big deal for guys, but a good quality watch is an absolute must! So, let’s take a look at exactly which watch is perfect for you.

1 – Strapping

The strapping for a quality watch is very important. For a first watch, or a general watch, I would recommend a metallic wrist strap. It can often feel better than a leather strap and you won’t have to worry about mismatching with your clothes. It also gives the impression of a more expensive, luxurious watch. On the flip side, a leather strap is lighter and won’t be a burden on your wrist. For the most part, you won’t even realise you have a watch on. Both straps are very adjustable to your wrist but whilst you can remove pieces from the metal strap if the watch is too big, it is more difficult to resolve this issue with a leather strap if none of the strap holes fit properly around your wrist. With this in mind, I’d advise you look at the watches in person where possible.

2 -Stylish, yet affordable

The most stylish looking watches aren’t always the most expensive. You don’t have to break the bank to purchase a stylish, quality watch. A watch worth £100 can often look better than a watch worth a few hundred. Doing your own research and having a good look around can help you find a watch that turns heads as well as time!

Wherever possible try and shop in stores for a watch. Knowing how it feels and the weight of the watch can often be key when purchasing it. A lot of leather straps from cheaper watches can feel like a children’s toy so it’s essential to check the strap out beforehand. I ordered a black leather strapped watch a few months back with the exact same issue. I can’t remember the website I bought it from but the strapping did feel very cheap and creased up a fair bit. So, with that in mind it’s always a good idea to invest in quality.

3 – Get the size right

As a final note I’ll briefly touch upon the size of the watch itself. It’s important not to get a watch too small or too big in comparison with your wrist. A watch too big will make your wrists look smaller and vice versa with a smaller watch. We don’t want to accentuate the wrist here. As a template I would suggest a wrist size of around 6/7 inches can hold a watch of around 40/42 mm in diameter. A wrist size closer to 8 inches can hold a watch of around 45/46mm. Of course, trying the watch on first is your best bet!

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