4 Rules To Buy The Right T-Shirt For You

One of the most powerful and yet understated garments in fashion has to be the t-shirt! Worn so frequently, it’s a necessity in any man’s wardrobe yet most of still have no idea what to look for when buying a t-shirt. Believe it or not when it comes to buying the right t-shirt, it’s not all about the brand.

Luckily for you guys I’ve outlined four of the main features to look for when buying your perfect t-shirt:

1 – Don’t neglect the sleeve

Fitting is one of the most important things to get right for a t-shirt.

The best advice I can give you and something I always consider when buying my t-shirts is to invest in a t-shirt that fits well. Having a t-shirt that hugs your arm (but not too tight) accentuates your biceps.

Even if you’re not the most muscular guy (like myself) it’ll still make you look a lot better than a t-shirt with baggy sleeves would.

You also want the sleeve to end midway between your bicep. Too long and they hide any muscle you may have. Too short and you lose the t-shirt vibe – it ends up looking like a vest.

2- Get the torso right

This is going to depend mainly on how your body shape is.

For a ‘rectangular’ or an ‘inverted triangle’ body type you want to look at slim fit t-shirts. As with the sleeves, they hug your torso and show your chest gains as well as making you feel a lot more attractive. Again, you don’t need a steroid-induced chest to achieve this result. If you get the right t-shirt you can have the whole world fooled.

For those of you with an ‘oval’ body shape a baggier t-shirt will definitely help! It’ll reduce the appearance of a belly whilst still making you look stylish. Choose a darker cooler to truly own the look and make you look even better!

3- Branded vs Non-Branded

The problem I have with purchasing branded goods is the inflated price that accompanies them.

Most companies like Armani and Calvin Klein will price up their products because of the prestigious history that the logo embodies. Want to hear something radical? You DON’T have to buy their branded clothing to make a statement amongst friends!

Buying simple plain t-shirts that have the perfect fit will improve your style and get you a lot more wanted attention and compliments than a Hugo Boss t-shirt that doesn’t fit well.

The price difference can often be more than £50 and all for the logo printed on. The plain black t-shirt shown had only cost me around £12 compared to the £25 Nike t-shirt, yet it makes me look and feel a lot better about my appearance and for half the price! You can shop smart and still look stylish.

4- Get the neckline right

This is important. You don’t want the neckline to reveal all your chest. It just doesn’t look nice – unless you’re Arnold of course.

Avoid: deep scoop neck, deep V neck, and scoop neck

Crew necks and v necks are your best options. Simple is best when it comes to the neckline.

Don’t leave it to chance when choosing the right t-shirt. Let me know in the comments if you found this article helpful and if you have any advise you wish to share!

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