What You Need To Know This Spring

Spring has finally sprung guys.

With the ‘beast from the east’ storm still lurking around spring feels like a distant future for the UK. Nevertheless, spring is upon us and it gives the perfect opportunity to declutter our wardrobes from the dire coloured winter coats and allow more colour into our lives.

As the days get brighter, so too should your ensemble.

Are the 80s back?

It seems someone’s been knocking on the door of the 1980s recently as we’re seeing more of the 80’s fashion coming to light once more. This comes as no surprise as fashion is an essential recycle of old into new.

An exciting feature of the classic 80s style is an all-white apparel. With the scorching sun set to arrive any moment now, wearing white can be practical as well as stylish. Reflecting a large percentage of heat away from you, keeping you looking fresh as well as staying cool.

If you don’t have any white chinos in your wardrobe, then you need to get up right now and go shopping! Chinos are a great substitute for jeans, which can often leave the wearer feeling hot and bothered under the glaring light of our sun. The thicker fabrics of jeans make them a preferable choice for winter and rather a stinker when it comes to spring time.

Bomber jackets

Possibly the best jacket for a millennial. The illustrious bomber jacket has to go down in the wall of fame as being the jacket of the century. A great option for any day of the season, rain or shine. While in winter a black/grey bomber jacket suffices, in spring creativity of colour is key. Hell, go out and buy a pink bomber jacket if you must! Your colour choice can be a great depiction of the type of personality you have and seeing brighter colours is scientifically proven to brighten your mood.


Another classic piece is the polo shirt. Whether you’re going for a stroll or a hole-in-one (that’s right I know my golf) a polo can be great company instead of a regular t-shirt. A polo shirt creates a smarter, cleaner look and having a more breathable fabric will leave you cooler in the blistering heat.

Whatever you choose to wear in this so-far-so-cold spring, make it your own. Add colours and keep it fresh.

Special thanks to my friend Mahfuz for his beautiful modelling in the featured image. Follow him on instagram here.



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