6 Hacks To Save You Money

1 – The online shopper hack

This is probably one of the best hacks I’ve come across to save you money when it comes to shopping for the latest looks. It works with most online stores. Have a look and choose the things you want to buy. Then comes the revolutionary part. Empty your basket entirely and exit away from the site. Now whilst it doesn’t work for all retailers, you should receive an email soon after giving you a discount on the items you were intending to buy.

This is a great marketing tool utilised by businesses to reclaim a large percentage of customer purchases who were just about to buy the products but then had to dash to get the door or were running late for work. As a consequence, they don’t proceed with their purchase.

You can use this simple knowledge to your own advantage and save yourself some money.

2 – Invest in a trimmer hack

This really is an investment. For all you guys going to the barbers and spending an extra £5 to get your beard trimmed. WHY? Any barber reading this is going to hate me for telling you this but fact is, it’s super easy to trim your own beard and can save you money in the long run. You could save yourself well over a £100 a year just trimming your own beard. On top of that, you can trim and shape your beard any time you like rather than waiting two or three or in some cases four weeks for your haircut.

I personally trim my beard every three or four days to keep it looking clean and sharp. The one I use and would recommend is the BaByliss Pro Hair Cutting Kit for Men – Black. It’s a worthy investment which will not only cover the costs of the initial purchase of the trimmer, but will save you a heck of a lot of money in your hairy lifetime. As well as the main trimmer, it comes with a smaller battery powered trimmer which is great for the smaller details when you’re shaping your beard and even your hairline.

3 – Avoid using your card hack

I won’t lie. This one’s more far-fetched. To convince an entire nation (or my 3 readers) to go the opposite way to the advancements made in our lifetime is quite absurd. It’s amazing the evolutionary steps money has taken from tangible gold to a computer code of cryptocurrency. But facts are facts. And fact is when using your card to pay for things you become less inclined to take note of the costs you’ve accumulated throughout the day. It’s fun to play monopoly with your credit card which is why we overlook the substantial amounts spent compared to using cash. With cash, you always have a more limited supply and hence are a lot more conscious regarding what you spend.

Simple really.

4 – Generic brands hack

This is something I’ve touched upon in a previous blog:


People buy branded clothes for the sake of the brand only and how other people will perceive them as a result of them wearing such a brand. Forget the hype! There is nothing worse than being ripped off and paying triple the price for a branded item when the generic version can be just as good if not better. Be more ALDI and less Waitrose… or something.

5 – The hustler hack

Hustling for 25% off can leave you feeling pretty damn smug with yourself. Well guess what? You don’t only have to do that in actual stores. If you ever come across a small pop up chat the next time you’re online shopping, talk with it and see if you can win yourself some great discounts. They’re often very open to negotiating and providing you with a cheaper deal where possible.

6 – Use a basket, not a trolley hack

Whether shopping for clothes or doing your everyday grocery shopping, using a basket can work in a similar way to using cash. Feeling the weight of what you’re buying as well as being restricted to how much you can buy is going to keep your pockets that little bit heavier. Stores are becoming more cunning and they realise this too. That’s why trolleys seem to be getting ever increasingly larger. Don’t fall for the bait. Keep the basket light and the wallet heavy!

Share this with a friend you think will appreciate the amazing money hacks I’ve mentioned and comment down below with any further hacks of your own.

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