3 Top Fashion Trends For Spring 2018

Fashion is an ever-changing and ever-evolving industry. The coat you were wearing two weeks ago won’t cut it in two weeks time. But fear not guys! I’m here to run you through 3 of my favourite fashion trends for spring 2018.

Go floral this spring

Fashion trends for spring can be a difficult transition from your monotonous winter wardrobe. It is important to know just how “out there” your outfits should be.

Floral t-shirts are a great runway look being picked up by the everyday customer. They provide you with something different in your wardrobe, something more bold and audacious. It’s a look that can be easily pulled off and will make you stand out way more than the people around you. With the weather picking up, now is a great time to shop with a purpose and choose styles that you normally wouldn’t think about.


An alternative to jeans

We’re approaching summer and jeans everyday just isn’t an option. Shorts provide you with a great versatility when deciding on your ensemble. Again, they’re different and bolder which makes them a perfect fashion statement and one of the great fashion trends for spring.

Here’s an idea, match your floral t-shirt with some floral shorts.



Layering in spring

Something you probably don’t see often, layering during spring. Crazy, right?

Actually, no. layering can easily be done by using a shirt layered over another thinner t-shirt. This gives you extra depth when choosing your outfit for the day and frankly is a technique that just doesn’t get used often enough.

You can have a short sleeved shirt over a long-sleeved t-shirt to give a great contrast to your look or switch it completely and have a long-sleeved shirt over a short sleeved t-shirt. Both hold their own and give you a great twist to your typical outfits. Having a long-sleeved shirt acting as a jacket does also give you the option to take it off if it does get too hot.












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