Why Trainers Are So Expensive

This isn’t my typical blog post. I wanted to address this due to inspiration from a recent question I asked on Quora. Are we victims of consumerism when it comes to the purchase of trainers (sneakers)?


It seems inevitable that the old Yeezy’s would make it into this blog! Yeezy’s completely blew up 2017 and even with their ridiculous price tags in excess of £1000, people were still copping that look.


My issue here is not with overhyped trainers such as Yeezys but rather how that growing trend can affect the price of your everyday trainers. Brands will see this growth in popularity and oblige with their own small surge in price. It does seem that upon entering your local footwear store, most items on display are upwards of £60.

Sure, you can buy some basic footwear for around £30 if you shop smart but they often don’t have much going for themselves. Trainers have a personality attached to them. The way a fresh haircut makes you feel some 1000 feet taller, so too does a new pair of trainers.



So, for £70 or £80 are you truly getting your money’s worth? In relation to quality and durability layered on to the beauty of the trainers themselves. Or, alternatively, are companies capitalising on our blind acceptance to their increasing prices.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Are trainers in 2018 just too pricey?

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  1. Hi Makhdoom, nice blog you got going on mate. Just wanted to address what you mentioned about Yeezys being “in excess of £1000”. Although it’s true in some sense, if you are looking to buy Yeezys when they first come out then they’re fairly affordable, in the ~£150 price range. It’s the resellers that bump the price up due to the “Hypebeast” community and also people looking to gain some “clout”. They realise that they are in very high demand, but the supply is so limited that it’s very difficult to actually cop a pair straight off the bat. Simple economics. Hope this has been insightful. All in all, consumerism is a very good point you raise, and hopefully you may be able to answer your own question in future blogs. Keep producing these quality blogs x

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