How To Wear Jeans In The Summer

Jeans are at the core of most outfits we try on. They’re probably the best leg wear you could get and are a great protection during those cold winter months (or even those cold spring months). But you all know well enough that those jeans just don’t cut it in the summer heat. The thick denim fabric turns your legs into soup.

Not the comfortable look you were going for.

There is however a perfectly sound way to wear jeans in the summer and still stay cool in the sun.

Use thinner fabrics

Something you shouldn’t do is use the jeans you were wearing throughout winter. You need to invest in some lighter denim. Fabric around 10 ounces should be perfect wear for the summer heat. Anything above 12 or 13 ounces is very much winter bound.

Distress to impress

This isn’t something I’m a huge fan of. Whilst I do like ripped jeans with one or two tears above the knee, I do think there comes a point where it looks fairly tacky. Especially when you have thread loosely hanging down.

It can’t be denied however that distressed jeans will allow for more breathability whilst keeping on trend with the latest summer looks.

Colour correctness

Colour is quite significant when you want to wear jeans in the summer. Darker colours will absorb much more heat and burn your legs. Summer is the perfect time to try lighter colours. White jeans are a staple for any man’s summer wardrobe. They work effortlessly to enhance your style and can be dressed up for more formal occasions as well as dressed down for your everyday look.

Washed out blue is also a nice and vibrant look for the summer time. Washed out fabrics have a much lighter tone which is perfect for the heat.

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