A Student Fashion Guide To Apparel

Anyone reading this will most likely be a student. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say you have virtually no clue what to wear on a day to day basis. Fact is, you go from wearing a uniform most your life to suddenly having to flex name brands. Most the time it’s done very poorly with no direction. I’m going to show you guys a few nifty student fashion tricks of the trade to always have options in your wardrobe.

Fitting for tops

Fitting is quintessential to turn your style from 0 to 100! You can have the best fabrics but if it doesn’t fit properly it won’t look good. There’s something very aesthetic about having your clothes almost carved around your body, that’s one of the reasons we have suits tailor made. It’s the same with casual student fashion and so having a top that hugs your figure nicely is going to make you look and feel good.

I do however realise that not everyone is going to have a perfectly sculpted body. If you find yourself leaning towards the chubby side, then less fitted t-shirts around the torso will work much better for you. Polo shirts can be a great wear that is comfortable yet stylish. You can also use longer sleeved shirts and fold them up a little if you have insecurities about your arms.

Fitting for jeans

The days of wearing bootcut jeans are up! Take it from me, someone who wore regular straight jeans for most of college. Now whilst I thought I looked swag as hell, my friends were quick to point out that I myself am swag as hell but my jeans are… well terrible. Jeans, just like tops, need to fit well to enhance your overall look. Skinny or stretched skinny jeans are great to work with. I would definitely suggest trying them on in store so you don’t have jeans that are too tight as that can give off a more feminine appearance. You want jeans that fit comfortably without suffocating you.

Go Gucci go broke

Buying expensive name brands is tempting, I’ve been there. But those expensive name brands aren’t impressing as many people as you think. You can buy the same quality products without the name brand and save yourself a lot of money.


You need a good pair of trainers that can work with most your outfits. Traditional black or white trainers are essentials to your shoe collection before even considering expanding to the more favoured Nike and Adidas branded trainers. People will always look at your trainers and take that into consideration when assessing your appearance so it’s important to have a nice pair but to also take good care of them. Clean them on a weekly basis especially when you have a white pair. If your trainers look rugged and unkept, people will assume you’re the same.

Let me know in the comments if you found this post useful and if you have anything you would add on to this guide.

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