World Cup: Football And Fashion

The World Cup is finally back! After a long, hard four years, we can finally see England possibly… maybe…  probably not win the World Cup. But regardless of England’s chances, the World Cup itself is a great gathering of nations across the world all competing for the right to be the best nation to play the beautiful game.

Amidst this rivalry and love, I saw an opportunity to highlight some of the brilliant fashion from a vast array of cultures and iconic nations on display at the 2018 World Cup. Without further ado let’s kick off…


Hosts of the 2014 World Cup, Brazil were memorably dismantled by an efficient German team. They are one of the favourites for this tournament, but how does their fashion form compare?

Well, Brazilians like a neat appearance first and foremost. Like the football they play, their style is in no way dull. Bright colours as well as nice patterned shirts are favourite pieces for the men in Brazil. Lighter fabrics, linen and cotton, are often used given the climate in Brazil, so expect to see khakis worn left, right, and centre.

Brazil is a nation flooded with beaches and they are famous for beachwear trends and styles. Sunglasses, shorts, and sandals! A deadly combination in any Brazilians locker.


The Germans are a handsome bunch. Like their team, German fashion is quite efficient. They have similar weather to the UK and so skinny denim jeans are pivotal to German fashion basics. As we know, fashion isn’t just about clothing. Skincare and haircare are quintessential in complimenting your style and enhancing your fashion look.

The Germans are one of the best at maintaining strong, healthy, thick hair. Going back to clothing, layering as I have said in past blog posts, is a great way to heighten your style and make you stand out from the crowd. Once again the Germans are one step ahead and best utilise long coats and jumpers and combine them well with scarves for an added elegant, layered look.

There are however two things I think the Germans, and anyone for that matter, should remove from their fashion philosophy. V-necks and double denim.

V-necks look terrible on men. It’s as simple as that. Double denim on the other hand, looks terrible on anyone. Don’t hate me that’s just my opinion! 

I would like to point out that Germany have since been disqualified since the time of me writing this. Maybe that gives England a fighting chance..


The nation that brought us tiki-taka football. Spain is on my bucket list for places I would love to visit.

With that said, it’s worth knowing what to pack years before I make that visit! Despite what you may think, shorts are a big no in Spain. If you even try to wear shorts in Spain you’ll instantly be judged to be a tourist. Lightweight cotton jeans and pants are common attire for men.

Spain is a very modest nation and their fashion is a great example of this. They live and breathe class, so don’t pack your t-shirts and jumpers. Opt for more conservative colours which exude an air of panache. Polo shirts as well as button down shirts are a fine way to blend in with Spanish locals.


Arguably the home of fashion and romance. Their football isn’t too shabby either! Believe it or not without an extraordinary amount of effort you too can easily attain some French flair.

The French love a simple, minimalistic look. The key to this nations fashion is to hone in on the basics and not overstress your style. Simplicity is king. With France being a very classy nation, expect to dress in a smart casual manner.

A crisp white shirt matched with dark trousers and brown loafers will display a refined, carefully thought out look that can be showcased effortlessly. Striped shirts are a more stereotypical French obsession and rightly so!

A striped shirt adds depth to your style and alters your physique, often giving a slimmer or even taller look depending on whether the stripes are vertically aligned or horizontally.

For colder days, knitted jumpers can be worn for functionality as well as being a very classy French look. Again, jeans make the list for customary leg attire whatever the season may be.


Corr! Nigeria’s vibrant world cup kit has certainly made their presence known early on. It’s a shame their football couldn’t follow suit.

It is immediately evident just how stylish a nation Nigeria is and that is backed up in their day to day wear. Trendy patterns and vibrant colours enthral the men of Nigeria who love to add creativity to their casual attire.

There is certainly more boldness and energy surrounding Nigerian fashion and that stems from the heart of their origins. Ankara prints are African inspired patterned prints usually on light cotton garments offering a modern-day man something stylish with a breath of history. I love the encouraged distinctiveness about Nigerian fashion, worn with a confidence and belief that resonates throughout the nation.

I wish all the nations who are still competing the best for the World Cup and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback regarding any of these countries fashion sense.

Let me know in the comments which country your style relates most with. I have also added a like and share feature, so be sure to like and share this post if you found it at all interesting!


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