6 Summer Style Trends To Avoid

Summer is coming! The time for singing birds and stinging bees is upon us. These last few week have seen some of the hottest temperatures recorded in the UK for 2018 and boy was it hot! When summer approaches, so do some rather tragic summer styles. That’s why I consider it my duty to deliver summer style trends to avoid for 2018.

Brits especially have a tendency to dress badly during summer. Probably because we’re not familiar with a nice summer and don’t trust the skies to deliver one. I kid you not you will see some Big Shaq wannabe in their puffy jacket when it’s 25°C because they’re just not used to hot weather.

1 Cargo pants

First on our list of summer style trends to avoid are the persistent cargo pants. For some reason guys believe it to be cool and macho to wear pants, or even shorts, with an inexcusable number of pockets surrounding every inch of fabric as if you’re about to store your whole toolkit in your pants ready to DIY like batman.

As looks go, cargo pants are unappealing given the sheer number of pockets stitched on. Possibly fashions greatest mistake and definitely one of the summer style trends to avoid.

2 Sunglasses

Now before anyone gets offended, I love sunglasses. They add a cool, often exclusive touch to your style and can be great for summer. However, details are details and only sunglasses that match your face shape and size will look good. Far too often guys don’t consider whether a particular pair of sunglasses will actually suit their face and end up with sunglasses disproportionate to their face.

I mentioned once previously how a watch should be the right size for your wrist. It’s the same when trying out sunglasses. I personally would recommend aviators or clubmaster sunglasses for a retro stylish look.


3 Jackets

This wouldn’t have made the list had I not on numerous occasions seen people wearing quite thick jackets on some fairly hot days. It gives off a suffocated appearance and I’ll be honest I wouldn’t want to get too close to anyone wearing thick clothing in the blistering heat.

Instead of wearing a jacket try the denim shirt layering technique. Not only will the shirt be thinner giving you more comfort, it bodes for a great summer look.

3/4 shorts

See what I did there?

How 3/4 shorts seem to creep up on us every summer is a mystery to me. It is simply an outdated style trend trying it’s hardest to stay relevant.

Stick to shorts around knee length for a great summer look.

4 V-necks

Don’t get me started.

Keep to a modest crew neck or something similar.

5 Short shorts

We have discussed shorts that are far too long to even be shorts. Let’s move on to shorts far too short to be shorts.

The long and short of it is, if they are not knee length then avoid the embarrassment of wearing them.


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