OOTD: 20th Birthday

Today was my birthday, coincidently celebrating with Harry Potter and JK Rowling. As a huge potter fan, that’s just the coolest thing ever!

Anyway, birthdays are a great occasion to celebrate with friends, family, and loved ones and scoff a load of cake down without the slightest glimmer of guilt. I headed down to Manchester today for a nice meal and a little shopping.

Birthdays are a great occasion to go smart casual. You’re with people you love so you don’t need to dress too formally, but you still want to look crisp. Smart casual allows for a great balance between the two. I opted for a short sleeved black shirt to nicely accommodate the hot day and still look hella sharp. I complimented the shirt with some dark blue skinny jeans and accessorised with a nice, affordable black watch. #blackisthenewblack

I did manage to cop a stylish grey polo shirt in an amazingly light, breathable fabric from River Island. It was muscle fit too so does well to flatter your physique. I bought a grey bandana to match nicely with it giving me a great outfit for this summer.

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