6 Clothing Hacks To Save You Money

As a student, it’s essential to know how to maintain the quality of your clothing to ensure it looks great all year around. Otherwise, you end up buying the same, or very similar, outfits which you have previously neglected. I myself am very guilty of this which is where the inspiration for this post came about. A couple of clothing hacks will set you guys on the right path to protecting the quality of your garments.

1 – Sweaty Pits

Remarkably, it is still British summer time and so inevitably you will end up sweating in the intense August sun. You may even be on your annual holiday before the dreaded month of September arrives and so it is important to take know clothing hacks to avoid sweat stains.

Wearing an undershirt is a huge hack to maintain your more expensive shirts and keep you looking nice and cool for any occasion. An undershirts function is to absorb sweat and provide you with a nice base layer. They can even be worn under a t-shirt as they are very thin and generally hide very well provided you purchase one with a similar colour to your skin.

2 – Long Jeans

Another one of my countless mistakes is purchasing jeans that were too long for me, not trying them on in the store, and then throwing away the receipt before realising my fatal error a few days later when I come to try the jeans on.

I literally did this around two or three weeks ago when I shopped around in Primark for some bargain grey jeans.

Fortunately, a simple roll up of the sleeves will leave you with jeans that fit with an added style feature. Or you could just try your jeans on before you buy them I guess..

3 – Antiperspirant marks on t-shirts

Provided you use antiperspirant, you may have had the misfortune of ruining one of your favourite tops by spraying a little too much antiperspirant for your own good. The salts in the antiperspirant can stain your tops white and for Sure, leave you a little let down.

Using dryer sheets is a brilliant way to rid those unsightly stains and save you from spending money on a new top!

4 – Pant Creases

You come across this all the time. Hard to iron pant creases forming from you just hanging your clothes up. An absolute nightmare for any ordinary man. But not us. This is one of the most brilliant clothing hacks and it only relies on a kitchen towel roll.

Quite simply, cut vertically through the empty kitchen roll and attach it to your hanger. The roll will present a bigger curve and end your wrinkly woes.

5 – Dodgy Coat Zip

I swear this happens to so many people in their lifetime. A horrible coat zip that gets jammed halfway through!

Well, all you have to do is spread a little Vaseline on the teeth of your coats zipper et voila – good as new.

6 – The Military Tuck

Do you ever find yourself tucking the same shirt into your trousers every 10 minutes? Not only is it annoying, it wrinkles the bottom of your shirt a lot!

Tucking your shirt with the military tuck will ensure a much stronger hold, letting you go about with the day unperturbed.

Simply grip the excess sides of your shirt and fold them backwards before tucking them in to your shirt. For added benefit, rather than tucking the shirt in to your trousers, you should bring your trousers up and over your shirt for a more secure fit.

Let me know in the comments if you found any of these clothing hacks of use, and whether you yourself have any brilliant clothing hacks! As always you can like and share this post to anyone in dire need of some brilliant clothing hacks.

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