How To Tailor Your T-shirt Sleeves

A very useful skill to have in your arsenal is the ability to tailor your t-shirt sleeves. Something I stress very often is your outfits fit. It is the most important feature when showcasing your style. Unfortunately, most clothing you come across when out and about will be regular fit.

Price and comfort are more often than not prioritised over style in many stores. While you may believe this lack of choice in most stores leaves your wardrobe feeling uninspired, knowing how to tailor your t-shirt sleeves can turn a cheap, regular t-shirt into something much more attractive.

Before I get into how to tailor your t-shirt sleeves I would strongly advise you try this on your cheaper fabrics way before you even think about tailoring anything designer. You can always resort to having your higher quality garments tailored by a professional. You will also need a few items usually found in a sewing kit to do the tailoring with. I will link below the kit I used.

  1. Wear your t-shirt inside out. It’s important to have the t-shirt inside out so the stitching isn’t visible when it comes to tailoring the sleeves.
  2. Add a few pins to where you feel is a better fit for your sleeves and use chalk or a white pencil to make a rough guideline for this.

  1. Do this for both sleeves and measure the length from your guideline to the bottom of the sleeve. Use the smallest length for your tailoring of both sleeves.
  2. Sketch a straight line from your guideline point to the armpit junction and carefully cut this excess fabric away.

  1. Sow the sleeve back together making sure you make a good knot at the beginning and end.

For every stitch you create, go slightly back and create another stitch before moving forward again. This just ensures your stitches are strong and the sleeves won’t loosen up. The knots on each end help massively to keep the thread in place. When sewing, don’t leave huge gaps between each stitch as it will be transparent when trying the t-shirt on.

Of course, you can always use a sewing machine for an easier time.

The actual sewing can be the difficult part and that’s why I strongly encourage you to try this out on a cheaper t-shirt. Once sewn, what remains will be a much better fitted t-shirt that adds an extra level to your appearance.

The kit I use: SEWING KIT, Over 130 DIY Premium Sewing Supplies, Mini sewing kit, 38 Spools of Thread – 20 Most Useful Colors & 18 Multi Colors, Extra 40 quality sewing pins, Travel, kids, Beginners,Emergency (Premium)

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