Summer To Autumn Wardrobe Transition

It’s finally September and I guess you could call this my September issue. September is a strange month. There’s a constant warmth with a flavour of chill in the air. It’s not quite winter cold but you feel the chill creeping ever closer. Summer isn’t quite over yet but hey not long left. I always embrace the new season and the new looks and wardrobe changes that can be pulled off.

Long Sleeves

The time has come for you to progress your wardrobe from summer tee’s to long sleeved tops. This is an underrated trend that I don’t see a lot of guys doing but with one simple hack it can turn you into an attractive, stylish beast. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves, exposing your forearms, and before you know it you’ll be getting complimented left right and centre.

It’s crazy right?!

Rolling up your sleeves works deceivingly well in giving the appearance that you aren’t even trying to look good as opposed to the dude in the tank top or the extremely tight short sleeved t-shirt.

Layering and Denim

A summer style I’ve previously mentioned is layering with a denim shirt. Personally, I think this works great in early autumn whilst the weather stays at a steady temperature.

For the colder days, an actual denim jacket is a great option to keep you looking hot in the autumn blues.

If denim isn’t your cup of tea, bomber jackets work effortlessly season to season to keep you looking sharp.

Timeless Essentials

No outfit is complete without a statement piece. Something that delivers more oomph. Accessorising with watches and bracelets is a certain must.

With the new academic term approaching it’s a great time to treat yourself to a new staple accessory. No man should leave their house without some form of wrist wear.


Flannels are great for autumn given the thicker fabric used to make them. Personally, they aren’t for me but the chequered designs offer great depth to your outfits.


It’s not quite winter so let’s not get all doom and gloom just yet. Darker colours such as your navy blue or even darker reds compliment the orangey brown shade of autumn.


Autumn opens the possibility for more classy looks and what better way to reciprocate this than by wearing suede Chelsea boots. They’re stylish and comfortable and offer a practical alternative to your everyday trainers.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite autumn outfit inspiration is.


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