9 Fresher’s Essentials To Make You Hot On Campus

September not only brings the delightful breeze of autumn but it hails the start of a new academic year. It came to my attention, with many of you about to embark upon a new chapter in your lives, your fresher’s essentials may not consist of stylish sheek looks. Rather you may have left your packing to your mother – god forbid.

If you are moving away for the new term, don’t just pack whatever clothes are lurking at the bottom of your bed. It’s going to be a long and exciting year so instead, allow me to take you on a journey of 9 fresher’s essentials scrutinised and chosen by yours truly to make sure you are prepared for EVERY scenario.

1 Formal Attire

Let’s get the boring one out of the way. Suits are crisp and sharp for sure but they’re not exactly lecture material. With that said, there are always formal events such as job interviews or even end of year balls that you may wish to go to and so having a well fitted black or navy suit would be an excellent decision for future use.

2 Smart Shirt

Simple fact: they look stunningly good. Having one or two shirts is an absolute must for fresher’s essentials. They work great with a pair of denim jeans for a smart casual evening look. It’s the crisp appearance of a suit without the added formality.

3 Accessorise

Wear a watch and never be late to a lecture again. Honestly, I’ve spoken about the benefits of owning a watch so much on this blog that if you don’t get it by now, you never will. As far as fresher’s essentials go, this is an absolute priority.

I would also think ahead to winter and have a stylish scarf at your disposal. With different styles for each day, it makes for quite the versatile and practical accessory.

4 Coat up

Keeping winter in mind, it might be a great idea to invest in a thicker jacket or coat before the prices rocket up. I recently bought a cosy borg lined black denim jacket in anticipation of the dire season ahead. Be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram for it!

5 Snapback to reality

Just a little Eminem pun whilst Kamikaze stays fire.

This tip is aimed more for people with medium or long hair. If you’re anything like me, you stay in bed until the very last conceivable moment has passed until you’re in a rush to make a 9am lecture you don’t even want to go to. That’s if you’re anything like me.

This is literally why snapbacks and baseball caps were invented! (not really)

Unless your last name is Beckham, you’re going to have a bad hair day at some point. Cover it up and keep slaying.

6 Plain Muscle Fit T-shirts

Plain fitted t-shirts are something else I bang on about a lot because I value them so much. Not only can you use them for casual uni outfits, they make a great choice for a gym shirt. Yes, that does mean you need to buy a gym membership. #eyeofthetiger

7 Up Your Backpack Game

This tip is all about the finer details. Things people often neglect. Backpacks.

I’ve recently drooled on Pinterest over quality leather backpacks and to me the right one can assert itself as a staple piece in your fashion armoury. The difference between a simple leather backpack compared to a regular backpack is that people will actually notice your backpack and hence appreciate that you are a very stylish individual.

It’s the little things that make the big difference.

8 Crep Check

From your Jordan’s to your Yeezy’s, there’s a huge array of trainers to pick from. But before you even get into these iconic pieces take a step back and think about purchasing a pair of plain black trainers and a pair of plain white trainers.

But why?

Having these two pairs allows you the luxury of matching your outfits from top to bottom easily without your blue Air Max’s making the outfit look somewhat tacky.

9 Never Overlook Scent

You can style yourself like a fashion guru, but if you smell funky then ain’t no one coming near you.

Use a good antiperspirant to keep your sweat and odour levels to a minimum. Don’t overdo it with the Lynx dark chocolate. Instead, invest in a nice perfume that compliments your style. My personal favourite at the moment is 1 million by Paco Rabanne.

Damn that was a lot of solid advice. Now when you all get firsts in your degrees you know who to thank. jk!

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