Why Italian Leather Is So Expensive

Made in Italy

Leather has been a key ingredient in the fashion industry for centuries. From your leather jackets to your leather watch straps. Leather is held in high regard and for good reason. Think car interiors. Think Versace, Gucci, Giorgio Armani. All these high-end brands have one common theme. Italians.


What do Italians do differently?

Italians are a passionate people. Whether it comes to their food or their fashion, the pride, graft, and perfect execution are why they are at the top of the game. The time and craftsmanship is unparalleled to their competitors. Only the best techniques and materials are used. The care and passion is carried down from generation to generation, not only to make good quality products, but to honour great family traditions. Which leads nicely to Italian leather itself.

What makes Italian leather so special?

The ancient techniques used hold the leather in good stead. The quality of Italian leather cannot be questioned. Strong, bespoke, and last longing. It is produced by a process called vegetable tanning. This naturally processes the cowhides and means no animals are harmed and no chemicals used. In the end, you’re left with some of the best leather you will ever come across.

Craftsmanship. Passion. Techniques handed down from generation to generation. Italian leather is expensive because there’s nothing else like it.

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