6 Ways To Style A Bandana

This is by far the coolest accessory that you will ever come across in men’s fashion. The great thing about bandanas is there are so many ways to style one. Once you decide which works for you, you’ll never want to take it off.

The mighty bandana: unapologetically badass.

1 – The Classic Look

The standard, vanilla way to wear a bandana. It doesn’t work for everyone. I know for sure it doesn’t work that well for me, but if it works for you then the bandana will accentuate a normal outfit by two or three levels.

2 – Knot to the side

A little more unconventional. Works really well with a baseball cap covering the majority of the bandana.

 3- Mouth piece

Strictly badass only.

4 – Neckwear

This is my favourite way to wear a bandana. This style suits me the best. As you see I have used some cut-throat biker jeans with a nice muscle fit black tee topped off with a knitted bomber jacket. The biker jeans are the statement piece that makes the bandana work so smartly with this outfit. It adds flare and heat to an already exceptional choice of clothing.

5 – Hairband

For those of you with longer hair, you can use a bandana as a stylish replacement to a hairband or a hat.

6 – Wrist Wear

A bandana is not only unconventional but versatile. It can be used as a hairband, a sweatband, and a mouth cover. It even works exquisitely well on your wrist when paired with a fitted tee.

Let me know down in the comments which style works the best for you!

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