3 Amazing Outfit Ideas For The Week

As a student, I often find it difficult and somewhat tedious planning outfits out for the day ahead. It can be a nuisance to judge what colours go with what when all you want to do is crawl back into the warmth of your duvet. With this said, I elected to put down my beloved Jaffa cakes and rummage through my Instagram feed to find 3 amazing outfit ideas that will help to inspire you guys for the week ahead.

The casual outfit

  • Grey jeans with a slight distress
  • Black and grey Adidas flux trainers
  • Borg lined denim jacket
  • Muscle fit black t-shirt

The showcase item from this outfit is the borg lined denim jacket. A cosy yet stylish layering option, guaranteed to attract compliments wherever you go. The beauty of this outfit comes from the use of two simple colours: black and light grey. This makes for a nice contrast from bottom to top and adds depth to the outfit. The muscle fit tee works great once inside with the jacket removed. The slight distress on the jeans makes the outfit more rugged and imperfect which adds flare and character.

The formal outfit

  • Black shirt with grandad collar
  • Navy blue chinos
  • Black polos with no show socks

Changing it up with a formal look can be a great way of impressing those around you. Formal, especially for a student, is different. Different gets you noticed. Obviously, you don’t need to go all out in a tailored suit, which is why shirts alone make for a great ‘classy but not too business’ look. The grandad collar makes the shirt look even more stylish and adds a casualness to the outfit. You could even try some boots with this outfit if you prefer them to polos.

The semi-casual outfit

  • Turtleneck
  • Suede jacket
  • Black jeans
  • Brown Chelsea boots

This is another cosy outfit for the breezy autumn days. Turtlenecks are a fantastic layering option to have in your arsenal. As they are quite thick, a thinner jacket can be used to layer over the turtleneck. I opted for my suede racer jacket and coupled that with some black jeans for a sharp monochromatic look. The brown Chelsea boots add a lighter texture to the outfit whilst keeping the sophisticated look prevalent.

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