5 Genius Hacks To Maintain Your Clothes

With the end of the semester in reach, and the Christmas sales nearly upon us, it can be quite tempting to have what I like to call a ‘financial rave’ whereby you nonchalantly spend the remainder of your student loan before the next hefty instalment comes in the new year.

As tempting as that sounds, learning how to maintain your present clothes can save you a few quid so you don’t end up as bankrupt as a certain toy store..

In any case, whether you’re planning to spend large or save smart, there’s nothing that will satisfy you quite like a few genius hacks from your blogger’s favourite blogger.

1 – Wrinkled Clothes Hack

Use the steam from your morning shower to straighten any creases. Hang the clothes on your shower rod and the creases, as if by magic, will fade away completely. Just be wary of any backsplash onto your clothes.

2 – Sweat Patch Hack

This isn’t something you want to be stressing about before a date or big interview. A great tip is to rub lemon juice on the armpit area of your garments before washing them.

Try this alongside your antiperspirant and the only thing you’ll be oozing is self-confidence.

3 – Leather Jacket Hack

The best leather jackets are the ones that have a rugged authenticity to them. You will fail to attain this with a brand-new jacket and so one of the genius hacks I’d recommend is to stand in the rain for a little while to give your jacket a more weathered and beaten appearance. Though you could just soak it in some water and keep yourself dry..

4 – Fitting Room Hack

Do you ever buy a top, only to find it is a lot tighter than you realised when trying it on? A neat hack when trying clothes on is to sit down in the fitting room. Whilst stood up, your clothes fit better as you’re stretched and hence slimmer. Once you sit down however, you can fully gage how well something fits you.

5 – Jeans Hack

It’s not recommended, nor practical, to wash your jeans as regularly as other items of clothing. If you find yourself in the unusual position where your jeans are starting to smell and you don’t want to over wash them, you could store them in the freezer for around an hour or two.

The cold air kills odours without compromising your jeans fabric quality as detergents would. Genius hacks don’t quite come as bizarre as this but there is method in the madness!

Let me know down below if you have any genius hacks you’d like to share and be sure to subscribe for more epic content!

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