Fashion Tips For The Slimmer Guy

Being a slim dude myself, I know the struggles faced helplessly searching for clothing that suits and complements our body type. Luckily, with a few considerations made, you’ll find it is actually really easy to account for this and make your body type work in your favour.

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1 – Layering to add volume

Layering, with emphasis to the colder seasons, is good fashion etiquette regardless of your body type. For us skinnier guys, layering is a great tool that can subtly give off the illusion that you are a lot bigger than you are in reality. Denim jackets, or even biker jackets, are great at enhancing your overall physique with extra padding to add to your shoulder definition.

Don’t be afraid to add three or even four layers to an outfit as long as they’re correctly colour coordinated. For example a grey t-shirt as your base layer works well layered with a cream cardigan that is then layered with a grey overcoat.

2 – Fitted sleeves

If you didn’t know before then you sure as hell will know now: fitted sleeves are one of the most basic and fundamental laws to good street style. If your sleeves and your shirts as a whole do not fit properly against your frame then you simply won’t look good. It doesn’t matter how jacked up you are, wide sleeves will make any arm look small.

3 – Avoid darker colours

This isn’t the most practical advice but it is a great technique to help achieve a bigger look. Darker colours are well known for how slim they make people look. It then makes sense that lighter colours won’t make you look slimmer and can actually help make you look bigger.

4 – Don’t over accessorise

I’m talking huge ‘blingy’ watches, bracelets, and even rings. Keep your accessories well-proportioned to your weight.

5 – Wear long sleeve shirts

Not only do they hide any inkling that you don’t have the biggest biceps in the north, long sleeve shirts look fantastic rolled up exposing your forearm. Don’t ask me why, just try it and thank me later!

6 – Time to bulk

If you’re not already, I would strongly suggest going to the gym regularly and making plans to bulk up to a weight you feel more confident with. Apps like MyFitnessPal are great ways to track your calories for the day and help keep you on track.

Let me know in the comments if you find any of these tips useful!

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