A Year Of Blogging

I started this journey on the back of missed opportunities and regrets. Last year felt like the year of ‘almosts’. It was a year of inspired projects that never came into fruition. With a steady mindset, I was able to continuously become inspired up until the point where I seriously believed I could actually make a good fashion blog that people would enjoy reading.

With the projects before it, I had a bad habit of overthinking and trying to do too much research and never truly sunk my teeth into anything to experience first-hand raw failures and successes. By the time a picture of this blog had begun to form in my head, I knew that had to change, so rather than overthinking I did the most difficult thing I could at the time: starting.

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It seems crazy to me now, given the number of blog posts I have made throughout this year, but starting was by far the most daunting thing to do. What if no one reads my posts? What will those closer to me think? Do I want to humiliate myself like this?

With that said, what comes after is pretty special. I am truly humbled to have so many people across the world read my blog and enjoy my content. I hope I have inspired at least some of you to pursue your dreams and passions.

The only person who can ever stop you from doing what makes you happy is yourself. So whether you’re looking to create your own blog, profit from your business, or write your first story, believe in your own capabilities and above all: start now. Don’t be afraid to fail, for failing on something you attempted is more progressive than being too afraid to start at all.


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