What To Wear This Valentine’s Day

Surely you didn’t forget…right?

For those it concerns, just a little reminder today is valentines day. Now, before you enter a state of panic, what with all the last minute reservations and gifts you will have to buy to make up for almost forgetting valentine’s day was still globally celebrated by couples. Allow me to ease your minds just a little by offering my fashion expertise so you have one less thing to worry about this valentine’s day.

Evening look attire

Provided you somehow manage to pull off the greatest last minute valentines evening a guy possibly could, booking her favourite fancy restaurant and ordering extremely overpriced flowers that only ever last a few days, you still need to consider the evenings outfit wear.

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A restaurant date demands a smart casual outfit. You don’t want to go so formal as to attract the attention of other couples who mistake you for a waiter. With that said, given the nature of the occasion, you are compelled to make somewhat of an effort.

From top to bottom

Starting with the shirt, I would go with navy blue to add a tinge of colour to an otherwise sultry look. Considering most people would wear black, it separates you a little from the other couples. Avoid white shirts to ensure you don’t blend in with the restaurant staff.

Denim jeans would be a solid option for leg-wear so long as they are black and fitted. Jeans give you an extra layer of warmth compared to chinos or formal trousers and remain a timeless fashion piece. Tuck your shirt half in for added style points.

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Black Chelsea boots are a notable smart option that not only look great, but with the heel give you an extra inch that makes your outfit go that extra mile. If you prefer to wear a black shirt rather than a navy blue shirt, I would then recommend brown Chelsea boots for the added outfit depth.

Be sure to accessorise to take your outfit even further. Overcoats work really well as a smart option in the chilled evening air and a scarf will further elevate your outfit.

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