Karl Lagerfeld: Fashion’s Great Loss

Last week saw death turn on one of fashions biggest icons, Chanel designer: Karl Lagerfeld. His battle with cancer remained private, and he died in hospital aged 85.

With his cremation over it seems right to take a brief look at his illustrious career and how he became such an important figure in this chaotic industry.

Though he lived in Paris, Karl was raised in Germany and controversially born in 1933. What could possibly be controversial about his death? Perhaps his public declaration that he was born in 1935 despite evidence from his parents and the baptismal register proving otherwise.

His career begins in 1955 when he won a coat design competition and famously liaised with Yves Saint Laurent as a consequence. His proficiency led him to opportunities working for Fendi, Jean Patou, and eventually the struggling brand of Chanel.

At the time Chanel was in a dismal place as a brand, following the death of Coco Chanel. Not only did Lagerfeld revive Chanel, raising the brand to the supremacy it holds today, he established in concrete the famous interlocking CC logo that continues to inspire and saturate the industry.

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Karl is known to have a distained view on people labelling him as a fashion designer which suggests him to create trends himself. Rather he saw himself as the trend as his actions made ripples outside of the industry and were replicated repeatedly.

An inspiration amongst many, his loss was certainly felt amongst many high profile celebrities with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan sharing touching posts following his departure.

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