Influencer Influencee: Jesse Lingard

Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard impresses all on the pitch with his intricate play as well as off the pitch with his outwards persona and flare for fashion. With his recent brand launch for his ‘JLingz’ clothing line, I saw an opportunity to launch my own small series: Influencer Influencee.

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I will arduously scroll through the depths of the internet (my Instagram feed) to find some killer outfits from amazing fashion influencers and attempt to recreate the outfits myself. What I have noticed with Instagram fashionistas is that they tend to entice us with their high end luxury brands that inevitably are an arm’s length from our budget.

This new series will have me recreate their outfits on a much smaller budget (I will try to keep it below £100).

I love this outfit from Jesse. It’s very modern and classy. The grey pants are a great merger between the white trainers and black turtleneck. Whilst I love this depth of colour, I personally went with my brown Chelsea boots. Be sure to check my instagram for further details on this outfit!

Let me know in the comments whose outfit you would like me to recreate next and be sure to subscribe!

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