4 Spring 2019 Outfit Essentials

Spring somehow came a little early this year before we were greeted with near freezing temperatures once again. But now, coming towards April, it looks like it’s here to stay.

Honestly, spring has come at a perfect time. I’ve started to bore myself with the dull weather and the outfits that were once exciting to wear have become repetitive and lacklustre. With that said, a big seasonal change furnishes the chance to reinvigorate your wardrobe!

Oversized t-shirts

Seems like a growing trend these days, one I’m not particularly fond of. My entire blog revolves around a few core principles. One of those is to ensure you have well fitted attire at all times. Oversized t-shirts completely debunk this and show you can look stylish without having the tightest fit. While it can look nice when correctly coordinated, I still think fitted outfits work much better.

Cropped pants

A huge buzzword thrown around for this spring is to acquire an elegant and smart look. One way to get around this is to have a few smart casual outfits at your disposal. In my previous post I presented a look inspired by Jesse Lingard utilising some great smart cropped pants. These work really well to give an elegant spring look.

Short sleeved shirts

Keeping up with this elegant theme, short sleeved shirts give a great smart look whilst keeping you cool in the blistering heat. They can work really well with some light coloured shorts and loafers! Though it is only spring so I would save this look more for the summer.

Flannel season

With it being spring, the evenings tend to cool off leaving you in a slight pickle if you just walk around in a t-shirt all day. Something I recently rocked was layering with a flannel. I’ve mentioned it before, but I myself have never been a fan of flannels, given the array of colours they come in.

I kept it nice and simple with a black and white flannel and I have to say I might even be a fan at this point. It’s a great way to rock your spring look whilst staying comfortable in the cool evening.

Oh and anyone who fell for my April fools joke: I ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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