7 Summer Accessories Every Man Should Own

Another year brings another summer. Another chance to declutter and reinvigorate your life from the parade of coats and hoodies swarming around your wardrobe. This summer the devil is in the detail, which is why I have dutifully hand-picked 7 summer accessories every man should own.

1 – Leather holdall

You have the entire summer to finally put that gym membership to use and sculpt the Greek body you’ve always wanted. But hold up, you need something stylish to put your gym wear in. That’s where leather holdall’s come in making you look a cut above the rest.
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2 – Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for summer. The right pair of sunglasses can subtly make you look more attractive with minimal effort. They are a great tool at hiding a good portion of your face which reduces any flaws whilst adding an air of mystique. You always notice a good pair of sunglasses so choose wisely and pay close attention to your face structure when purchasing.
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3 – Bandanas

Whether for sportswear or streetwear, the bandana has become a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, truly elevated by tennis elites such as Federer and Nadal. A bandana has the potential to make an outfit and break an outfit so use it cautiously.

4 – Watches

Something I have always stressed is wristwear, particularly watches. They add such vital detail to your look that an outfit without a watch often appears incomplete and lacklustre. Sure, you no longer need one to tell the time, but the style points heavily outweigh the practicality when it comes to a watch.

5 – Wrist bracelet

Why stop at one wrist? After all you have two so do what a lot of guys AREN’T doing and add a bracelet to your summer accessories style game.

6 – Leather belt

A leather belt can really bring an outfit together, especially for those more formal occasions where a tucked shirt is favourable. A brown belt can look impeccable with brown loafers and a black shirt. The added burst of colour crafts the outfit into something much more classy.
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7 – Baseball cap

I love baseball caps, they are a practical replacement for a bad hair day. On top of that they will keep you looking cool when its 30 degrees out.

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