OOTD: Yorkshire Trails

In an attempt to make this blog more personalised, let me take you on a hiking journey without comparison.

5:45 am: Rise and shine

I am really not a morning person and this was a struggle. Sludging my way out of bed to make the 6:50 train to Leeds.

8 am:

Quick stop off at Leeds for a cheeky cuppa before the next train to Skipton.

9 am:

Once in Skipton, we stopped off at Morrison’s Café for a quick (second) breakfast and another cuppa before the 10 am bus to Malham itself.

10:30 am:

Four and a half hours later and the hike actually begins. Now, don’t get me wrong, wearing the correct practical attire is essential when going on a full hike with potentially problematic terrain. That being said we were following a short path and didn’t have any difficult terrain to consider so there was no real need for hiking boots etc.

My outfit was a strange mix of gym joggers, running shoes, a River Island top, and a hoodie, after all it is England and the weather tends to throw out more surprises than the last season of Game of Thrones!

Malham itself has some amazing scenery, from the cove itself to the limestone pavement where one of the scenes from Harry Potter was taken. A lot of the waterfalls were quite a distance away meaning we were unable to visit them this time.

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