Influencer Influencee: Michael B Jordan

Black Panther’s resident villain truly embraces his dark side even when it comes to style. He keeps it safe, having dark colours and neutral tones in his corner. Nothing overly done. He maintains a style that is calm and collected akin to a boxer stepping into the ring.

While he bobs and weaves from outfits that are more ‘jab than hook’, he does like to spar with simplicity. The knockout blow for me came from this very lazy and casual look he adorns on his Instagram:

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While it may not be the typical stylish look I would recommend anyone to try, I decided to roll with the punches and found great inspiration from the polka dots. Vertical stripes on the cropped pants complimented the smart and perhaps sleepy appearance I was aiming for. As MBJ is a man who loves smarter shoes, black loafers had to be the finisher.

The great thing about this look is how each piece seamlessly transitions to the next as if the whole outfit was made to be worn as a set.

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