Consumerism: The Ugly Side Of Fashion

Consumerism is a huge issue that holds strong ties in the fashion industry. I never speak on consumerism and why would I? After all, I tell you guys to go out and splash your cash on the latest trends.

Truthfully, consumerism is a huge issue in today’s society. Often associated with the idea of fulfilment. The idea that one purchase, be it the latest Nike trainers or a gleaming new watch, will somehow give us a sustained sense of happiness. We all know the feeling and we all know the feeling never lasts. We are mindless consumers constantly chasing the next deal. You could be saving up for weeks to buy an item that has obsessively caught your attention. The moment you own it those feelings towards the purchase seem to fade off.

It happens to be people like myself who spread the fire of consumerism to the masses. Not for any self-gain, but rather because we too are consumed within the prison of self-fulfilment through ostentatious commodities.

What tends to happen is, we base our own self-worth, and our own happiness on the materials we possess and are yet to possess. We brag to the world and boldly strut, cluttering peoples feeds with our newest outfit of the day.

The emotional carnage consumerism tortures us with is the underlying reason why apps like Instagram become incredibly toxic. We all need to re-evaluate how much we value our own happiness and whether we allow consumerism and fast fashion to continuously manipulate us into thinking we are not good enough until we own this, this, and this.

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