How To Remove Creases In Your Air Force 1’s

What’s creasing more? My face when I see your AF1’s OR your AF1’s? We’ve all been there. You buy your first AF1’s and think voila, something that’ll last me until next summer. Three days later and your creps have more wrinkles than your great grandma.

No one wants to be walking around with creased trainers. Allow me to explore three hacks you can employ to improve the quality of your Air Force 1’s. Whether they are old or new, these hacks will help restore and revitalise your trainers ensuring their longevity.

The first suggestion to remove creases in your Air Force 1’s, and perhaps the more extreme suggestion, would be to purchase a sneaker shield. This can be hard or soft and goes inside your shoe above your toes and keeps the trainers structure well intact. The down side to this is it may be rather uncomfortable to walk around in.

A more sensible alternative to the sneaker shield would be a shoe tree. This can be a plastic mould that goes inside your shoe once you are finished wearing them for the day. They keep the creases in your Air Force 1’s away when you’re inside. The only issue with this is you will still encounter creases when actually wearing your trainers.

An alternative to the alternative, use an iron. Add some socks into your AF1’s to keep the shape, use a damp cloth and iron your creases out.

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Try not to leave it too late as deep creases may not remove so easily.

Let me know in the comments if these hacks helped you avoid the crease in the middle.

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