A Fresher’s Guide to Student Style

A new chapter in your life commences. These could be the best few years of your life so it’s quintessential you make a lasting first impression. It’s time to throw away your old wardrobe, handpicked by your mother, and really think about your style and how you present yourself in this new rejuvenated era of your life.

It starts with a solid base

Your footwear is the platform for your style. If people did not pay attention to your footwear, we would never have the whole ‘socks with sliders’ controversy. FYI I’m FOR socks and sliders.

You need not splurge on super fancy Air Max’s you can’t afford. Rather you should invest in some basic quality footwear. A long lasting pair of trainers that add variety to your ensemble.

Ideally, a pair of plain black trainers and a pair of plain white trainers. The subtlety of the trainer will compliment your main outfit details. Stan Smith’s, Vans, Converse’s, AF1’s are all good basic trainers to start off with.

Oh and for those who voted on my recent trainer poll, the results were almost 50:50 but the 97s edged it like I thought they would. People love bulky trainers that’s for sure.

Leg wear

I have stood by jeans as my favourite casual leg wear for most of my time at Uni. They offer great style provided you know how to rock them. Slim fit or skinny jeans work exceptionally well at hugging your legs just enough.

You don’t want your jeans too tight as it can often look very feminine. Slim fit usually works a treat as they are slightly more elastic. They offer an added benefit of slenderness and therefore height.

I would recommend purchasing a pair of black distressed jeans to offer you a more ‘bad boy’ swagger. I was once against distressed jeans, given their biker-ish appearance. The secret to good distress jeans is allowing only subtle rips. Nothing too excessive. After all, you want more denim than leg.

An often overlooked stylish piece are joggers. Controversial for their over-casualness and far too comfortable to be stylish!

Truthfully, joggers prove you can match style with comfort. Given the rest of your outfit is fitted well, your joggers can ironically make you look quite active. A man who isn’t afraid of comfort, and is indifferent to the opinions of the jean-wearing society that swarms him.

Style is all about how you wear an outfit. That’s why I would encourage you to experiment with different items of clothing to find what goes with what.

Upper body wear

I’m not going to go in-depth into t-shirts and what have you. Instead I will link some related posts down at the bottom. I do want to mention two killer looks I have been digging of late.

Number one are Henley shirts. They are the embodiment of sexy. Long sleeves offer the chance to expose your forearms, which as you know is a woman dropping move. Up top you often have a v-neck collar or buttons to offer more man cleavage and make you ooze confidence and style.

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I want to finish with overcoats. Overcoats have been on my wish list since late last winter and I plan on buying one very soon. They are a great smart casual option, working well with your everyday look, but also a killer combination with a sharp suit or shirt if you land your first interview. Overcoats are definitely a staple that few other students would be brave enough to rock.

Let me know in the comments if you liked any of these looks and make sure you subscribe for more fashion secrets.

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