Did Someone Say Influencer?

A term to trouble many

I happened across a blogpost from Gallucks recently where he ponders the question of what is meant to be a fashion influencer. He relates the idea that a blogger who is also a YouTuber and Instagrammer can be classified under the umbrella term ‘creator’.

Over the last few years, inflated egos have turned their creator title into an influencer title. I wonder who they believe they have influence upon. Is this a title you can give yourself, or should it be earned through a lifetime of inspiring work.

If I were to relate this to myself, I run a fashion blog and hope that a few people appreciate and integrate some of my fashion tips into their own lives. Perhaps a few are even inspired by what I have created and have considered following their own ambitions and hobbies (something I encourage highly).

With that said, do I have a significant influence on those few people?

I would certainly hope not.

Real influencers

An influencer, by my own definition, is someone able to shift movements. Someone ahead of their era, making strides on a huge scale. 10 to 15 years ago, an influencer was someone worthy of mention. Someone who caused genuine influence. Martin Luther King was influential. In fashion, David Beckham has arguably been one of the most influential men of the 2000’s.

Influencer marketing  

Instagram influencer’s aren’t all bad. The term itself was popularised by companies labelling instagrammers as influencers during brand deal discussions. If companies insist on calling people who have a large following ‘influencers’, then it is hard to criticise anyone who then identifies as an influencer. People understand, even if they do not agree with, the term influencer as an income source.

It is imperative to stay true to your focus and what you are good at and not to sell yourself out for this Instagram influencer marketing scheme. Inspiring an audience about fashion isn’t going to influence them to buy low quality garbage. The influence you have is massively dependent on the product you are presenting.

It is incredible to see what is possible in today’s world. It has never been easier to start a blog, podcast or even accumulate a large social media following. However, it seems this level of resource can become toxic. Soon we will have kids raised in an environment where the new dream job is to be a social media influencer as if it is a glamourous lifestyle.

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