5 Benefits Of Green Tea

From the benefits of celery juice to green tea. Arguably, one of the healthiest hot beverages you can drink.

What is it about green tea that makes it so special?

Live longer

Due to its ability to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, green tea has been proven to extend the livelihoods of those who drank a significant amount of green tea, around 5 cups. The percentages are quite significant with 76% of the green tea drinkers less likely to die in the 6 years the study was taken.

Fat burning

Green tea has been proven to increase metabolism, which significantly aids in weight loss. Caffeine, a key ingredient in green tea, has also been claimed to improve physical performance and in effect, fat loss.

I would add that green tea alone is not a miracle worker and anyone looking to burn fat will have to put in the time and work at the gym to improve on weight loss.

Sure, green tea is good, but it won’t get you abs.

No calories

Self-explanatory. No calories means drink up guilt-free. I do tend to add honey to my green tea but I’m happy to ignore those calories if you are!

Lowers stress and anxiety

In a world of chaos, where Trump is president, Brexit has made no progression, and Marvel killed Iron Man, it seems the only peace we can get is laying back with a good book and some green tea.

As a third year student, stress seems like a clingy friend that just won’t leave you be. A good way to incorporate green tea is during your study sessions. It’s a nice, warm treat to take with you to the library.

Kills bacteria in body and teeth

Green tea has been found to improve dental hygiene by reducing the amount of Streptococcus mutans. These wild beasts are one of the worst bacteria found around teeth. Their mere presence leads to plaque formation and eventually tooth decay.

You may also be surprised to find green tea reduces blood sugar levels which reduces the likeliness of type 2 diabetes. A good portion of my readership is Asian and will know all about type 2 diabetes, given the rich desserts and delicacies rooted at the heart of brown culture.

So whether you need the extra caffeine for improved brain function, or just want a nice guilt free beverage to de-stress with, green tea could well be for you. Flavour-wise, I find Jasmine green tea to be a smooth favourite.

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