6 Benefits Of Running Consistently

Humans were born to run. The impact running consistency can have on your body and mind cannot be understated. Speaking as someone who once had very bad stamina, I never believed for a second I would be able to enjoy running. I always believed running was something certain people were good at and others were not. So what changed for me to make a blog post trying to encourage others out there who may lack belief in their own ability to run well?

David Goggin’s

It started with a podcast about the life and goals of David Goggin’s. For those who aren’t aware, David Goggin’s is an ultramarathon runner who has competed in some of the toughest, most bad-ass runs that the average person could never do. The irony is, Goggin’s himself started off as an average man who faced big adversities starting from his childhood. I have linked the podcast I listened to and will link it again towards the end of the post. The main point that resonated with me was David’s mindset to jump head first into things he may fail in but would otherwise never bring himself to do.

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Upon hearing him speak, you understand that sometimes you need to push yourself harder than your comfort zone desires and get over the small pain you may feel as a consequence. This drove me, very unfit at the time, to complete a 5K run in January. What I never appreciated was how this one small run made me understand I have never truly pushed myself physically.

I went from being a guy who would run on a treadmill for five minutes before giving up, to being a guy who runs outdoors and has bigger and better targets set for myself in my running and in my life. Beyond improving my stamina, there were several other benefits I had no idea about.

Memory improvements

Your short term memory has been proven to improve after a run. Not only this, your long term memory can also improve if someone was to study before a run. With that said, coming up to January exams, you may wish to add a ten or twenty minute run as a study break.

Reduces brain mass loss

Those who are lucky enough to make it to 100, are said to lose 20% of their brain mass. Surprisingly this loss of brain mass starts at 20! Physical exercise reduces this brain loss.

Fat loss and muscle gain 

As you run, your muscles tear and recover when at rest. So running consistently will improve multiple muscles on top of burning huge amounts of fat. Not only this, running will develop your heart as a muscle and will increase your oxygen uptake. Your brain loves oxygen and so developing this will enhance cognitive functioning.

Sweat away your stress

Physical exercise and going to the gym helps reduce stress. Running is exactly the same and in my opinion, better at this. Running feels like a form of therapy. Consistently running calms your mind and can develop your creativity. Reducing your stress allows for an improved mood and an improvement on your mental health. People who suffer with mild depression have spoken about the mental benefits running has had upon their life.

Sleep well

Your sleeping will improve, leading to a much healthier life both physically and mentally. If you are struggling to sleep, a run can calm you down and help you get to sleep faster and on the flip side can also refresh you in the morning if you feel groggy.

Strengthens immune system

Running can help reduce the occurrence of minor illnesses. I honestly don’t remember the last time I fell ill. It’s nice to not have to deal with constant colds but if you find you have this issue, you may want to consider running.

Rich Roll podcast interviewing David Goggin’s: https://soundcloud.com/richroll/rrp266 

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