2 Years Of Blogging: What I’ve Learnt

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Another year goes by in my journey as a menswear writer and student fashion blogger. I’ve learnt more and more about marketing this blog and have improved massively on many aspects of this.

This segment is mainly for people who are perhaps thinking of blogging and want to know what I have learnt from 2 years of blogging.  

Feel free to skip 2 paragraphs.

Search engine optimization is something that Google uses to rank blog posts by relevancy and traffic and it’s something I have tried to improve upon. Whilst not always successfully applying SEO into each and every blog, I have learnt and applied how to use SEO and have a deeper understanding of this. I guess I never appreciated how much organic traffic you can receive from ranking high on Google. My blog on tailoring t-shirt sleeves is highly ranked and has received more organic traffic than any other blog I’ve written. The mad thing is, it was published in August 2018.

I have also found some success in Instagram ads to drive traffic to my blog which I have found to work really well with some posts and inadequately with others. Instagram is something I am continually trying to figure out and 2020 will definitely see some changes to my feed. One thing I did want to do in 2019 was have more overall feed posts and story posts. Whilst I slacked with my feed posts early on in the year, I do tend to post a lot more to my story – probably too much. For anyone who doesn’t know what type of content to post on social media, I would urge you to check out Gary Vee. The dude is an absolute content machine.

Segment over.

You read it anyway didn’t you.

Yes you did stop lying.

I have also realised that collaborative posts are something I have not explored. It could be a great avenue for me to get my name out there and have more people read my posts. So that’s a 2020 goal that I anticipate will happen very soon. I have a few names in the works.

I’m also working a lot more on my Quora profile to deliver content. I fear I may also have to use LinkedIn for some stuff and have absolutely no idea how to even use LinkedIn! Someone give me a tutorial thanks.

My biggest take home point of 2019 was realising that I can monetise my work and become a freelance menswear writer and this is something I have recently been working on in the background and hopefully the 2 years of hard work that went into writing so many blog articles will transpire in me becoming a PAID menswear writer. That’s the 2020 goal and I am confident it can be achieved.

Besides that, I would like to work with a streetstyle photographer again come February/March time and may look to set this up.

2019 Achievements

Not everything in my life revolves around this blog. In 2019 I challenged myself to do at least one new thing every month. I achieved some awesome things and I’ll subtly flex a few of those now:

  • Ran a 5K for charity
  • Donated blood
  • Adopted a tiger
  • Invested in the stock market
  • Signed up for boxing
  • Signed up for a professional photoshoot

Those are some of the better things I managed to do this year and whilst it is a little flex, I do want it to inspire you guys to set some goals for 2020 and smash them! Have a goal a month and just get on with it and by the end of the year you’ll have a list of things you achieved and will realise what a great year 2020 was.

That’s all I really wanted to say.

Enjoy your 2020.

Keep reading my blog.

I’m off to make a cuppa and watch City vs Wolves.

Ciao for 2019,


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