4 Fashion Tips You Can Employ To Look Good

If you’re new to discovering your style, it can be quite daunting trying to figure out what to wear and what items to experiment with. The best thing to do when starting out is to keep things simple. I will outline a few tips I have shared in many of my blog posts  to ensure you start 2020 looking as sleek and stylish as ever.

1 – Fit Your Figure

As a general rule of thumb, ensure your clothing hugs your body well in all areas. The only exclusion to this would be people who are not proportioned correctly for this. We want to accentuate the arms, shoulders and chest and so muscle fit tops work really well at doing this. Slim fit or stretched skinny jeans are incredibly popular for the modern men and young adults. If too much attention is drawn to your waist, then opt for looser clothing, but that is the only scenario where I would opt against well fitted clothing.

2: Stay Simple

Don’t go crazy with your tones or the brands you seek to wear. Plain branded high quality apparel can often look better than low quality high end brands. It may be better for your wallet to find cheaper, good quality items and simply build your wardrobe essentials before splashing the cash on a Rolex.

3: Build The Basics

Similar to tip 2, work on building your basic fashion needs. For example, before buying expensive Air Max’s, buy a good quality pair of white trainers and an equally good quality pair of black trainers. These will ensure you always have footwear that works with any outfit you own before you even consider purchasing the more extravagant pieces.

4: Find Your Style

Your style is personal to you. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with brighter colours. Find the looks that make you feel most confident and most comfortable. Do also take into consideration your working environment and whether you ought to be wearing formal clothing or casual clothing.

I have lived, breathed, and slept in joggers for the past two or three months because of their warmth and comfort. As a university student, I can get away with it. It’s funny because I absolutely hated the idea of leaving the house in joggers a few months ago. I thought it looked lazy and unstylish.

Truth be told, if you ensure your fitting is correct and your upper body clothing and footwear is nice, clean, and stylish, then joggers can accentuate an outfit to a different level.

Style is not one individual accessory but rather an ensemble of clothing carefully and strategically put together.

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