My Revised 2020 Skincare Routine

A lot has changed since my first skincare post back in June 2018. Back then, a tea-tree oil foam wash proved quintessential to begin and end the day with. Tea-tree oil is celebrated for its glorious benefits, tackling many of the flaws our skin throws at us. Inconsistencies quickly surfaced early into 2019 as the foam wash caused irritation on my face. The small amount of tea-tree oil present also proved to be futile. Clearly it was time for an upgrade.

Evolving your style involves evolving your skincare routine, especially when you discover inconsistencies. I transitioned to the online recommended ‘Neutrogena visibly clear spot proofing daily wash’. This immediately felt more effective than the foam. The texture is different as it’s a gel rather than a liquid foam. My skin certainly took to this face wash much kinder.


I kept the exfoliator the same: clean and clear daily use exfoliator. I tend to use it once or twice a week as it is recommended not to over-exfoliate. Too much exfoliating can rid your skin of essential oils. I will admit that I do often neglect exfoliating, purely out of laziness. Something I personally need to get better at. I still use the same toner as mentioned in my first skincare blog post. Again, the toner is great for oily skin or black head prone skin.


Moisturising is a big one. I naively allowed myself to be fooled by marketing propaganda, investing in a £20 moisturiser! In fact, I re-invested in the same moisturiser when the first bottle ran out. For some reason I believed I had sensitive skin and this was my only good option. It’s all complete bollocks by the way. I may have just worked myself up by reading too many skincare posts on the internet (he says, as he proceeds to writing his own skincare post for others to work themselves up over).

moving on..

I was very recently gifted a Clinique for Men gift set containing a face wash, moisturiser, and shaving foam. I don’t shave so I won’t comment on the shaving foam quality. The charcoal face wash is superb. It is more expensive than my Neutrogena face wash but I honestly prefer it. Charcoal, similar to tea-tree oil, has amazing benefits for your skin. The face wash is smoother than the Neutrogena gel and seems to work into the skin better. The moisturiser is just as good. Probably more drying than the £20 Neutrogena moisturiser I was so used to but still does a solid job.

This post seems like a review at this stage. The point is, or at least was, that we can all be sucked into marketing propaganda that tells us we need overly priced products. Ultimately that isn’t always the case. My body wash is a splendidly scented Radox for £1 so what possessed me to buy a fricking moisturiser for £20?

I would like to touch upon a final point of moisturising your body. Something I never used to do but I actually had so many moisturisers at home that I never used it became silly. It feels so nice to moisturise after a shower and helps soften your skin. I have also started spraying rose water on my face in the mornings, evenings, and whenever I’m going out. This is an optional little tip but rose water has some nice health benefits and truth be told it’s flipping fun to lightly spray posh water on your face.

Let me know in the comments what your skincare routine is like.

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