Minimalist Fashion

A style so simple it leaves you wondering how.

So a couple of weeks ago I executed a small vision I had planned with a friend of mine. In January we discussed and arranged for me to style him in my first styling project. We anticipated to have it shot for February however circumstances deferred us from doing so until March. You will by now have seen the shots on my Instagram and will have had time to digest them.

Whilst there wasn’t a huge detailed plan set in place for the look, I did have one core theme I wanted to work with – minimalism.

Minimalist fashion is something I have grown acutely fond of in recent months. A style so simple it leaves you wondering how. A key theme when working in a minimalist manner is to strip back to basics. I wanted layers but what I did not want was overkill.

The colour palette was easy. Either black or white. As we’re approaching SS20, it felt more appropriate to progress with white and add tones of black where suitable. For example the use of the mini fisherman beanie. A piece which I knew would very subtly alter the personality of the entire outfit.

Different shades of the same colour help to add depth and contrast to the look. The white air forces with elements of black evolving into light grey jeans helped transition the entire outfit perfectly.

The parka jacket had a shell fabric unlike anything I have ever bought before. It was my favourite addition to the outfit as it helped slender Wasif out without compromising his build.

The entire outfit was selected from ASOS.

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