How To Make Your Own Luxury Face Mask

With the surge of face mask sales soaring globally, the fashion industry has not missed its opportunity to capitalise on this. Brands are now producing their own face masks to keep you looking stylish as you go about your day. Not all of us are going to splash unnecessary cash on a luxury face mask, so this tutorial will be quite handy if you’re looking to get hands on and make your own mask. Whether you decide to use it or not is a different question altogether!

*DISCLAIMER: There are no studies to suggest fabric masks can protect against COVID, so if you do decide to use this mask or any other non-medically graded mask, be sure to wear a medically-graded one underneath it. This is merely a fun arts and craft style article to show you how you can make your own luxury face mask – I do not recommend you go out wearing this mask alone. It will not protect you or anyone around you.*

What you will need:

  • Branded Dust Bag/T-shirt
  • Needle and Thread/Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Elastic/String to loop the mask around your ears

  1. Measure out 8 inches by 8 inches of cloth to work with ensuring the logo design is just below centre if your creases will be above the design or just above centre if your creases will be below the design.
  2. We now want to hem the edges. Fold an edge 1cm in on itself and use pins to hold in place. Sew the fold into place and repeat with the other three edges. When hand sewing, for every stitch you create, go slightly back and create another stitch before moving forward again. This provides extra support for your stitches.

  3. Fold the fabric of the mask to create a crease in the mask. Pin the two sides down and create a second folded crease to pin down. Before sewing the sides into place, be sure to check the mask fits your face the way you intend.
  4. Secure the folds with some stitches.
  5. Using elastic or a string of your preference, cut out a rough amount you intend to use. A good tip would be to cut extra elastic just in case. Stitch the two elastic pieces to the top of each side of the mask and try the mask on to see how much more elastic will be required.
  6. Stitch the elastic to the bottom when you are happy with the fit.

Let me know if you decide to give this a try and be sure to subscribe to the mailing list for more handy tutorials in the future!

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