Kina London Beard Oil Review

Thank you to Kina London for gifting me their beard oil to test. My review below is nonetheless an honest and transparent account of my experience using the Kina London beard oil, and is in no way biased. #ad


  • Jojoba oil – Moisturises; keeps beard fuller for longer
  • Castor oil – Aids beard growth
  • Sweet Almond oil – Reduces inflammation and softens hairs
  • Olive oil – Further strengths and stimulates growth
  • Coconut oil – Nourishes the skin at the root of your beard
  • Lavender oil – Lovely scent as well as reducing beard acne
  • Bergamot oil – Further adds to the scent of the beard oil


Rub three to four droplets into your palm and massage. Alternatively, add the droplets straight into your beard and massage.

Beard Oil Review:

I have applied the Kina London luxury beard oil for a week now and have had a very positive experience. Recently, I have started to grow my beard thicker and so this was the perfect time for me to start purchasing beard products. Beard maintenance is absolutely vital not only for the hairs but for the skin underneath. Your beard should be given the same treatment as your hair and skin. Treating your facial hair ensures your beard stays replenished, soft, and healthy.

When it came to Kina London’s beard oil, the first thing that struck me was their attention to detail. The oil comes with a small note of gratitude which I always think is a nice touch that not enough big businesses do. To see a smaller business make that effort definitely makes me, the customer, feel appreciated.

The oil is charmingly sealed in a matte black metallic bottle with the Kina London logo emblazoned on. For packaging safety and to avoid any potential leakage, the bottle also comes in a protective box, matching the brand aesthetic. The brand promotes a message of luxury and the packaging unquestionably reaffirms this.

My beard before using the oil was fairly rough as this is the longest I’ve ever kept my beard, and have never previously used any oils. The citrus scent immediately shines through once applied. A great scent to have when freshening up in the morning without being too potent. Over the week of usage my beard feels softer, and arguably lighter. As I am fortunate enough not to struggle from a patchy beard, I cannot 100% attest to seeing any noticeable improvements in my beards appearance. Having said that, my beard has grown faster, and the oils are most likely the reason why. The list of oils mentioned in the ingredients list each have an array of benefits not mentioned, with many of them stimulating beard growth. If you are someone who struggles with growing their beard, or struggles with patches, the oils are scientifically proven to benefit you.

Before (left) and After (right)


Overall, a great product to have, one which I will definitely continue to use. Maintaining a strong and healthy beard is vital for hair longevity, ensuring your beard stays soft and healthy for years to come. Beard oil is a necessary long term investment with tremendous short term benefits. Be sure to check Kina London out and let me know how their beard and hair oils have helped you.

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