3 Years of Blogging: What I’ve Learnt

2020 has by far been the most ridiculous and turbulent year. From the wildfires in Australia, to the shock and sheer disgust of George Floyd’s murder. May he rest in eternal peace. 

Oh, and a global pandemic that has altered the lives of everyone. 

This year has offered lessons to us all. It is our responsibility to absorb these lessons and move forward in life with better perspective. 

For my blog, I have been the least active in all my three years. Serving out only 10 articles for your entertainment and education. As the year progressed, I found myself more occupied, taking lockdown well in my stride. Starting not one, but two podcasts: The Students Discuss Podcast, hosted alongside Abdul, and Tea with Makky. I have also reshaped my Instagram to provide bitesize pieces of information, often a shortened version of a previous article. My strength has always lied in my written artillery. Carousels allow me to provide more value than an outfit picture ever will. With my creative juices bouncing between several components, it was only natural one of these components would be neglected. 

Nevertheless, my views on the blog have skyrocketed this year, reaching ten times that of 2019. I feel astonished by the number of people that have engaged with my blog this year. Most of my organic reach has stemmed from a better understanding of Facebook marketing. With a very tight student budget, I was able to grow my readership ten folds. By 2021, with a real budget behind me, I want to break my 2020 numbers. 

My final words will be on my content going forward. I have always thought of myself as a style blogger. Someone who can educate you on the latest trends, offering men worldwide a better appreciation of what good style can do to your confidence. This year has allowed me to explore a deeper interest in high fashion. 

What makes Dior so special? 

Why do brands show runway collections? 

Who is this Anna Wintour bloke? 

My knowledge is as limited as an LLC. I strive to continue my learning into 2021 and offer more articles on some of the titans of fashion. I may also have a style eBook in the works. For those looking to better their blog reach, I will be providing a free SEO guide which demonstrates how I was able to market one of my articles to the top page of Google. Like all writers, I have not started the writing on either of these ventures. Though I am confident the SEO guide will be available before summer 2021. 

Last year I flexed some of my 2019 achievements. I will not be doing that this year given how tough it has been for so many people. I do ask that you think of some of your own personal accomplishments from this year. This does not always have to be a material accomplishment, keeping safe and doing your part in a year that will go down in history is an equally valid accomplishment.

I love each and every one of you and wish you luck on your journey as it unfolds in 2021. 

Keep reading, keep learning, keep trying.

Ciao for 2020,


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