Post-Lockdown Office Attire Style Tips

The storm is passing as lockdown restrictions across the UK slowly lift. Companies are making the decision on how best to transition back to the office. Many companies are working 5 days a week in a covid safe environment with others opting for two or three days in the office. Regardless of what your employer decides, you need to ensure you’re ready to take on the post pandemic world once again.


Did you take the commute from your bed to your bedroom desk for granted?


How about working in your pyjamas and unkept hair for 12 months?


The last time many of us stepped foot into an office, Donald Trump was president. It will not be easy going back to a social environment where a bad Wi-Fi connection is no longer a valid excuse to hide your face. It’s time to put on your office wear and be a person again.


The uncertainty around office working hours runs in conjunction with the uncertainty of what the weather will be like two days from now. We have to be prepared for whatever Spring throws our way.


In reality, most English weather in spring will be deceivingly cold. My personal recommendation would be to invest in an overcoat. Exceedingly good for the cold while equally comfortable during this transitional season where temperatures can rise and fall quicker than the price of one doge coin.


A knitted cardigan works well during the colder months with a lighter mock shirt jumper preferred for the warmth adding a more formal aesthetic to your office look.


When opting for smart trousers, it is important to understand which materials suit which temperatures. Wool and denim tend to be a little thicker and so work well during the colder months. Cotton is a great medium for both but is ideal for warmer temperatures, with linen being better for the summertime.


Cropped trousers would be my final recommendation, with ASOS doing some great pairs. They allow for more breeze and work well with no-show socks.

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